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“Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world.” KAISER WILHELM

Our passion for great brews and great food both began in the kitchen. Dan started brewing around 1990, using extracts. He took up the hobby in earnest which meant taking over the garage 5 years ago and transitioning to all-grain brewing. Both Dan and Elle love to cook and brewing days became a natural outlet for hosting all days BBQs with family and friends. The 5-gallon kettle over the kitchen stove grew to a half-barrel, propane-fueled brew rig. And the backyard gained a pellet-smoker alongside the Weber grill. That’s what we call going the distance with brewing and charcuterie!

With family and friends raving about our creation, it’s time to take it seriously. We entered the 2011 California State Fair and won three medals including first place for our Knock-Out Stout and second place for The Contender – our Pale Ale. The following year we won first place for our Scottish Ale which we plan on featuring as one of our seasonal brews.

In early 2012 we decided to pursue opening our own microbrewery. Our first challenge seemed almost insurmountable: finding a name! We hit trademark snags with our first three names and finally scored with Twelve Rounds.

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